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Perfluorocarbon Stone Water Repellent (solvent)

Perfluorocarbon Stone Water Repellent (solvent)

Product statement:

This product is a fluorocarbon polymer stone protector, various types of stone such as marble, limestone, granite, slate, stone and frosted stone, artificial stone and stone handicrafts and other powerful, waterproof, oil, anti-pollution protection.

Specification/performance indicators:


Item Company Indicators
Appearance Amber
Active ingredient content wt% 30
Solvent wt% 70
Boiling point(760 mm Hg, 1.01 bar) C 120
Flash point(closed cup) C 28
Freezing point C <-18
Density(25 C) g/cm^3 0.98
Solubility and compatibility Soluble in most of alcohols, esters and ketones solvent.



This product can be used directly (need to go into the details of the concentrate).Construction process of active ingredients concentration of 1-3% solution. The first recommended in a small area of the local experiments, before finishing to ensure a clean, dry surface, no wax and other coatings. Place 24 hours after finishing to complete the formation of the lotus leaf effect waterproof. For the new cement pointing, to be placed more than 72 hours before construction.

Use:Stone waterproof and stainproof,anti-oil

Packing and transportation:50 kg plastic drum or according to customer requirements. This product is harmless,suitable stored in a cool ventilated place.